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where. are. my. rings. 

they should have arrvied this month. i know there is plenty of stuff i can test while they're arriving, but now i'm unreasonably emotional about Not Having Them Right Now 

Emanuel Ungaro F/W 2006 

Beast in Black | Crazy, Mad, Insane

You build your kingdom of hypocrisy
And then you tried to name it honesty
I bear the burden of the blame
That you poured on me

You hide your guilt and act like god damn saints
Tell me to stay away and fix my brain
You twisted truth
But that is only gonna feed the flame

I am crazy, mad, insane
Out of my brain
I am all the things you hate

Forced into a puzzle where I can not fit
I won't be like you 'cause you make me sick

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Resin jewelry

princeofdoom -

I have five rings and two necklace pieces, all priced at $15 each. And feel free to ask about discounts on multiple items.

The rings are 1 size fits most, but I’ll send a bit of chain along if you’re not sure they’ll fit so they can be worn on necklaces. And like with the witch bottles, I won’t charge for shipping if you’re in the US. But they ARE first come first serve so please talk to me before sending money if you want one.

Please check back for updates and availability, as I make more or as they’re sold. I have to accept money through my ko-fi account currently, but I’ll see about paypal thru my hubby’s account.

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Painted Geode Skulls by Crystal Remains

Embroidered Handkerchief / Real Talk series / Holly Leonardson

Janice Kerbel, Love, Lust, Deceit, Revenge, Death, 2014 

So far all the ideas I have gathered for the rings are:

  1. Picture ring (the easiest)
  2. Cabochon ring made in various techniques (plain, partially colored, craquelure effect). The downside is that I don't really have a suitable cabochon mold but we will burn that ship when we get there
  3. "Dome" ring with various compositions under the clear surface, made of glitter, nail art metallic details, nail art non-metallic details, preserved leaf, smaller "gems", holo powder or whatever
  4. Ring with a "geode" on it made of nail art stones

This is incredibly hard to imagine if you are not in my head, sorry.

This is, like, already more than ten ideas if you count them separately. I also solved a problem with holding rings still, partially, at the very least.

If I manage to assemble them in an okay way to the halloween/new year and just start giving them to everybody that would be A++++

Courtney Fire Closeup, Yosemite ….by Darvin Atkeson

I lost one (1) and only ring foundation I currently have. It is somewhere in my home but the way my home is it can be as well lost forever. Deep, deep sigh. 

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Ruins of the Oybin Monastery, Caspar David Friedrich.

Cathedral in winter (1821), Ernst Ferdinand Oehme.

if this blog ever gets to 100 followers i will be legally required to give away a ring

idk if it reaches anyone from here tho

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art is (c) me

Those crystals took me one HELL of a long time, ugh

I might have messed up and ordered 10 rings instead of 20. This is what lack of sleep fucking does. I will definitely need another 10 because I have a lot of pans. I can order them now, but I don't want to do it until the first half arrives and i get to look at it. 

This is what they are supposed to look like btw. 

Glaurung is too goddamn intellectual for his own good. He's like "I am a giant dragon, city-sized, I breath flame and poison. Here is a guy I wanna hurt, what can I do? Oh, I know, I will hypnotise and manipulates him and those close to him and then tell the truth years later and watch everyone suffer. " How does this mind work


i can and i will post some more aesthetic except for gold and orange